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Shrimperdan's Poop Deck

This is my first stab at a homepage. It is currently truly useless and, as much as I'd like to declare otherwise, will probably always be so. (Homepages reflect their creators, no?) Anyway, this ship will be more or less interesting to people I know. Maybe.

The picture below is that one particular harbour where we are soon to make landfall (hopefully!) - Bequia, West Indies. Stephanie has the chance to work there and I'm ready to go live in the islands! We just got back from this part of heaven and can't wait to get back. This is absolutely the most beautiful place I've ever seen. From the top of the mountain, you can look across an abandoned coconut plantation to the windward side of the island. In the distance, past the waves breaking on the beach, you can see islands through a mist of seabreeze.

Bequia is home to some of the nicest people I have had the good fortune to meet. Interesting characters with interesting stories. Those stories could be a book someday!


Island I see you in the distance I feel that your existence Is not unlike my own Island they say no man is like you They say you stand alone Sometimes I feel that way too It's the need for love Heart and soul accompaniment Seems to make me different from you

Well I tried to book passage, but you have no ports And I tried to sail in, but your wind and waters Tore my sails and broke-a my oars

Island I see you in the moonlight Silhouettes of ships in the night Just make me want that much more Island I see you in all of my dreams Maybe someday I'll have the means To reach your distant shores When the need for love Heart and soul accompaniment No longer makes me different from you

Well I tried to build bridges But they all fell down And I've taken to the air on wings of silver But I always hit the ground

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